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The answer to this question is completely dependent on where you ride the East Explier. If you have taken the most popular route to watch the most popular route and you will get off Ankara from Ankara to the East Express then your journey will last on a little bit of 24 hours. (Let’s get an OHA) The duration of your journey is shorter, as it makes it very closely from closer locations to Kars.

Let’s progress in order, we ride on the train, what will it be now? Firstly, you will place your room based on the vagona and the number written on your ticket and you will now place it if you have your suitcase back bag. At the time of highly likely, one of the trains working on the train will come and check your ticket. They did not want us to show at least our reservation number (PNR), when we asked to show the control, it is already writing to you when you receive the ticket already. Mail output and no need to spend paper, you can previously get the screen shot of the Mail or you can reach the TCDD e-ticket application. Any identification status has not been or something. Everyone says that there is ticket control on the train (what things are after the Ulan SDFSD) we said to tell this part.

As we stayed in the beds (with the following 2 people room), we can give the most information about the most information about the Eastern Express Rooms. Once-bed wagons remain on the rear of the train, this information is in mind, you get your convenience when you are in mind. Also unless you open the beds, so your beds are amazingly uncomfortable when in the seat form. So then go to the best bed mode, then sit in that way, otherwise that journey is not withdrawn. Have you already switched to bed mode, especially at the stage of sleep, Vallahi de Billahi is also very comfortable. We are no longer weird, or seriously we don’t know it comfortably, but both of us are sleeping until 12:00 a shame SDFSD. We didn’t get this enough at home friends, bi ‘Hal went on the train, we didn’t understand. Let’s sort what is in the rooms as well as:

Other than that, the East Express Rooms are extremely small, don’t expect anything huge, your trend is sequel. But for this reason, we recommend that you don’t take a very large suitcase with you, as there is a separate place to put it because the train ride is a slightly jerky thing, and the big suitcase will stop the room during the night, the big suitcase will stop. In summary, tell our salutation to friends that reflect the East Express like a fairy tale, that business is absolutely no problem as long as you go and knowing what to face.

* The most ridiculous situation related to the eastern exppression rooms cannot be locked out of the outside. “I’m ularly idiot I can’t find the door where I’m locking up”, don’t think it can only be locked out of the inside. What happens, take valuables with your valuables when you don’t stop in the room. O Your jewels and gold nuggets please don’t leave in your room ……… sdfsd

If you are not adored with the rooms, the pillows were also really clean, when we are already clean, the sheets are already approached by the train, they are removed by the linen and cases in front of our eyes, so they are changed to push every time.

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